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Roof Repairs 

Roof repair is important in preventing major damage to your home. At Stellar Roofing, we provide comprehensive roof inspection in order to determine the extent of the damages caused. We inspect your roofing system to discover any potential water leaks, missing shingles, nail pops or other issues caused by weather damage or improper roof installation. It is important these are dealt with immediately.

We work with major home insurance companies helping find out whether or not your roof repairs are covered by your policy. In most cases, we are able to get all, if not most, of your roofing repairs covered by insurance.

From missing shingles to leaking roofs, Stellar Roofing will repair your roof properly, keeping your home and your family safe.

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Roof Repair Insurance Claims Rochester NY
• Missing Shingle
• Roof Leak
• Toe Board Holes
• Cracked Pipe Boots
• Defective or Missing Wall Flashings
• Defective or Missing Chimney Flashings
• Skylights Repair
• Broken Gutters
• Nail Pops
• Low Slope Roofs

Home Insurance Roof Coverage

Many home owners and business owners are unaware that a few missing shingles can cause serious damage to
their residential home roofing system and to the interior of their property.
We are the Rochester roofing experts. When going through your insurance, our roof inspectors know exactly what elements to look out for when it comes to roof damage from storms, roof leaks and emergency repairs.
Wondering if your roof repair is covered by insurance? We work with insurance adjusters, conducting tests determine if repairs are possible or if the entire damaged slope or slopes need to be replaced. Many carriers will also take into consideration line of site. This means that even if there is a slope that is not damaged, they will cover what you can see from both sides of the home from the street or sidewalk.
When you need fast, reliable and honest roof repair in Rochester NY, Stellar Roofing will be there.

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Stellar Roofing is a Rochester roofing company servicing residential roofs in Rochester NY and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in our quality of work and are able to work with your insurance company to determine whether or not your roof repair or replacement is completely covered.
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