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Rochester New York has suffered many wind storms over the past few years. The extreme weather conditions we face each and every year can cause major damage to your residential roof. At Stellar Roofing, we handle insurance claims directly; making sure that these damages are properly covered by your home insurance company.

Many home owners are unaware that just a few missing shingles can end up causing serious damage to your residential home roofing system and as a result cause major damage to the interior of your property. 

In fact, most people are unaware that wind damage is covered under every homeowners policy.

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Roof Repair Insurance Claims Rochester NY
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Wind, ice, snow and hail can cause major damage to your home. You can rely on Stellar Roofing to provide comprehensive services, help you handle roof repair insurance claims. We conduct tests, including brittle tests, to see if your roof is repairable or needs to be replaced.

We are the Rochester roofing experts. Our skilled roof inspectors are experienced with the many elements of roof damage cause by storms and roof leaks, making our team the capable in handling emergency roof repairs and insurance claims in Rochester, NY. 

When you need fast, reliable and honest roof repair in Rochester, Stellar Roofing will be there.

4 EASY Steps in Filing a Home Insurance Claim

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Call Stellar Roofing. A roof inspector will visit your property, assess and document the damage with photos. We will install a temporary tarp, if necessary, to keep the interior of your home protected from further damage. In most cases, your home insurance company will cover the cost of the tarp. We will make certain before we begin.


Call your insurance carriers claim line. We will assist you by working with your insurance carrier from start to finish; if a claim is warranted.


We help set up a time, then meet directly with your adjuster on site. We conduct tests with the adjuster to determine if repairs are possible, or if the entire damaged slope or slopes need to be replaced. Many carriers will also take into consideration line of site. This means that even if there is a slope that is not damaged, they will cover what you can see from both sides of the home from the street or sidewalk.


We prepare an estimate using Xactimate line item software. This is the same line item estimating software the insurance companies use, therefore, there are no discrepancies in cost.

Finally, we agree upon a scope of work and make the necessary repairs to your roof. In many cases we are able to get a large portion of your roof covered, if not, the entire roof. We understand building code. Many insurance companies work well with Stellar Roofing because they know we are fair and honest

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Stellar Roofing is a Rochester roofing company servicing residential roofs in Rochester NY and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in our quality of work and are able to work with your insurance company to determine whether or not your roof repair or replacement is completely covered.
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