Your roof plays a critical role in protecting your home from adverse weather conditions, debris, and other potential dangers. In addition, your roof in Rochester, NY, is responsible for helping your home maintain a healthy and comfortable temperature all year round.

In order to create a comfortable environment, it is important that your roof has a functioning and effective ventilation system. Even though vents may seem like a small piece of the entire roof project, they play a critical role in determining how long your roof will last. There are several ways that vents help protect the roof of your home.

They Improve Energy Efficiency

The attic inside of your home has the potential to track hot air inside. This can result in your air conditioner working overtime in order to regulate the temperature inside your home. With proper ventilation on your roof in Rochester, NY, you are able to read the attic space of extreme temperatures by allowing hot air to exit. 

Additionally, thence allow cool air to enter your attic, which is critical when it comes to preventing overheating. Proper airflow ensures that your roof performs at the peak of its energy efficiency.

Protect the Lifespan of Your Roof in Rochester, NY

When too much hot air is trapped inside your roof, it can have a significant impact on the rafters, underlayment, and even framing of your roof itself. It can also result in extensive damage to the shingles. This makes it critically important to have adequate ventilation in order to allow hot air to exit from the underside of the roof and the attic.

Regulate the Temperature Inside Your Home

Roof vents help to promote a consistent temperature inside your home. Vents also play a critical role in circulating air in your home in order to create a comfortable environment. It is important that hot air is able to exit and cool air is able to enter.

They Prevent Moisture Problems

When a roof in Rochester, NY, does not have adequate ventilation, it can result in moisture building up. This can significantly impact the roof and lead to it lately sagging or collapsing.

Having a properly functioning ventilation system on your roof can help to ensure that hot air is able to exit and cool air is able to get inside. This will prevent moisture from building up in your attic, which can also cause mold and other severe problems.

Let Our Team Help Protect Your Home

It is no secret that a well-functioning ventilation system on your roof in Rochester, NY, can provide several benefits. If you are interested in scheduling an inspection to determine if you are in good working order, feel free to reach out to our team at Stellar Roofing today.

Our roofing professionals have extensive experience helping homeowners across Rochester, New York, with all of their roofing needs. Whether you are in need of maintenance and inspection or you need to tackle the roof problem, you can depend on our team to deliver services you can trust. reach out to our team at your earliest convenience to schedule a free estimate to get started.

Roof ventilation is a key component of any roofing system. There are a number of jobs that it has, and all of them are equally important. As a homeowner, it is important to understand why proper ventilation is important because this knowledge can save an enormous amount of time and effort in the future.

Proper Roof Ventilation Regulates the Temperature

Adequate ventilation in your roof regulates the temperature of the building. During the warm summer months, proper ventilation will help keep your home cool. Similarly, it will also keep your home warm during the winter. If there is insufficient roof ventilation, still air will build up under the roof and cause your living space to be uncomfortable. In turn, your air conditioning and heating system will have to work harder to create a comfortable environment in your home.

It Increases the Lifespan of Your Roof 

When there is proper roof ventilation in your home, excess heat will have a place to escape and will not sit stagnantly and gather on your roof. If heat builds up, it can damage the wood framing and underlayment in your attic. Your roof’s support will be at risk for further damage. When the moisture and heat have somewhere to escape to, the roofing materials on your home will be better taken care of without your physical labor.

It Prevents Mold and Mildew

Without proper ventilation, your roof will lack moisture control. The excess moisture that you create from doing daily activities such as laundry, taking a hot shower, and cooking can accumulate with nowhere to go. This can cause moldy smell in your home. If left untreated, deterioration of the structural components and insulation of your home can occur.

It Prevents Ice Dams

New Yorkers are fully aware of the dangers of icicles hanging off the side of a house. During colder climates, ice dams can form when the warm air from the home melts the snow on the roof. The snow then refreezes before it has a chance to be completely removed from the roof. Although this sounds harmless, this can lead to damage to the roofing materials. Ice can refreeze under the shingles of your roof and lift them up. It can also be the reason why you notice water damage and leaks in your home. With proper ventilation, the roof of your home will remain at a consistent temperature and reduce the risk of ice dams forming. 

If you have questions or concerns about the roof ventilation system in your home, call and talk to one of the experts at Stellar Roofing. Our specialists are available to address your specific needs and help you get the longest life out of your roof. 

Expert Roofers in Rochester, NY!

Stellar Roofing is a commercial and residential roofing contractor that has been servicing the needs of homeowners in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas for many years.  We are fully licensed and insured, and our team of experienced professionals is here to assist with all of your roof replacement needs. Call us today at (585) 888- ROOF or (716) 320-ROOF to schedule a roof inspection.

Replacing your roof is a big project, unfortunately, it is not something you can put on the back burner for too long. When it comes to the safety of your family and belongings, the roof over your head is not negotiable. There are many things to consider when you are looking to replace your roof. Luckily, you are in the right place.

Is it Time to Replace Your Roof?

You might have the option to make minor repairs before it is time to replace your roof completely. When the damage to your roof will cost more than 50% of the replacement value, it might be time to get a new roof. After all, there is no point in spending money to repair when you will replace the roof in a few years anyway. Here are some signs that your roof is beyond repair:

What Is the Best Roofing Material for Homes in New York?

The state of New York has a variety of climates throughout the year. Depending on where you live, your choice of roofing material should be dependent on what will give you the best durability and longevity.

These are the most popular types of roofing in New York:

Flat Roofing 

Flat roofing is popular in places like New York City where winters are brutal and residents can expect an average of 25 inches of snow yearly. Flat roofs allow for proper drainage so the snow will fall off the roof and onto the sidewalk. 

Flat roofs are also popular in the city because they allow residents to take advantage of the space. Residents often use their rooftops for social gatherings and personal projects such as gardens and greenhouses. 

Metal Roofing 

Metal roofing is becoming more popular in New York buildings, especially commercial ones. Metal roofs can last many years past the lifespan of other types of roofs - up to 40 years to be exact. This material is waterproof, wind and weather resistant, and extremely durable. 

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

The primary benefit of asphalt shingle roofing is the price. It is cheap to install and maintain because if a couple of shingles are missing or damaged, they can easily be replaced. Consider asphalt shingle roofing if you live in a damp, shaded area because they are normally resistant to mold and mildew. 

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

Several factors go into determining the price of your roof replacement. These include:

Expert Roofers in Rochester, NY!

Stellar Roofing is a commercial and residential roofing contractor that has been servicing the needs of homeowners in Rochester, NY, and the surrounding areas for many years. We are fully licensed and insured, and our team of experienced professionals is here to assist with all of your roof replacement needs. Call us today at (585) 888- ROOF or (716) 320-ROOF to schedule a roof inspection.

roofing services

Stellar Roofing offers some very exceptional services to its clients. The benefits that customers are raving about are our 24-hour emergency services, free estimates, and also provide discounts for our veterans and senior citizens. At Stellar Roofing, we can offer help with replacing, repairing, and even roof ventilation. However, that’s not all that we offer to our clients! We also help out with roofing inspections, insulation, and gutters. With Stellar Roofing, you are guaranteed exceptional roofing services in Rochester and Buffalo, NY, and the highest quality products that our company can offer.

Roofing Repairs Are Our Specialty

Do you ever stop to admire the beauty of snow with your loved one? Then you also stop to wonder why there’s snow falling in the middle of your living room. Well, there could be a few reasons why this is happening, and one of them could be that your roof is in desperate need of repairs. At Stellar Roofing, our team is eager to help you make the necessary repairs to watch the snow fall and enjoy it all while staying warm inside the comfort of your home. When you trust us with your roofing needs, you can rest well knowing that we will give you the best products and also the most affordable options to stay within your budget. 

Our representatives will also help you work with your home insurance company to figure out if the repairs you need could be covered by your insurance policy. Luckily for our clients, in most cases, we are able to get full coverage of the repairs covered by insurance. That’s one big load off everyone’s shoulders if you ask us! We also offer 24-hour emergency roof repair all week long! All you have to do is give us a call at (585) 888-ROOF(7663) as soon as you notice that you’re needing help!

Here’s a list of some of the roof repairs that our experts will come to help with:

Have you also served in the military? Ask us about our veteran discounts when you call to set up an inspection!

Our Roof Replacements Will Leave You Feeling At Ease

When inspecting your roof, we treat it like our own. We leave no shingle unturned. Our goal is to make sure that your home is structurally sound and that your family is able to sleep without fear at night. Our roof replacement services will leave you feeling satisfied!

With Stellar Roofing, we can meet all your needs that pertain to replacing your family home’s roof, such as:

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Call today to experience the outstanding customer service that our clients are raving about! We can be reached at (585) 888-ROOF or (716) 320-ROOF for all of your roofing needs in Rochester and Buffalo, NY. At Stellar Roofing, you are like family to us!

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